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Sexology and Translation:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

9.00: Coffee and Welcome

Chair: Laura Doan (Manchester University)

9.30-10.00: Birgit Lang (Melbourne), ‘Interdisciplinary Translations of Sexual Knowledge in late nineteenth-century German Literature and Sexology: Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and Richard von Krafft-Ebing’

10.00- 10.30: Katie Sutton (Melbourne), ‘The Case of the Invert: Cultural Translations of the Sexological Invert in 1920s Germany

10.30- 11.00: Anna Katharina Schaffner (University of Kent),‘Cross-Disciplinary Translations: On the Uses of Fiction as Evidence in Nineteenth-Century Sexological Discourse’


Chair: Carolyn Burdett (Birkbeck)

11.30- 12.00: Kate Fisher and Jana Funke (Exeter), ‘Translating the Past: Havelock Ellis as Historian'

12.00-12.30: 'Sean Brady (Birkbeck), '“Sexual Inversion” and Continental sexology'


Chair: Robert Gillett (Queen Mary, University of London)

2.00-2.30: Chiara Beccalossi (Birkbeck), ‘Same-Sex Desires in Italian and British Sexology: a Transnational History (1870-1920)’

2.30- 3.00: Brian James Baer (Kent State University), ‘Translating (Homo)Sexuality in Fin-de-Si├Ęcle Russia: Wilde, Weininger and Freud’


Chair: Lisa Downing (University of Exeter/University of Birmingham)

3.30-4.00: Heike Bauer (Birkbeck), ‘Travels Through A World of Difference: Magnus Hirschfeld and the Queer Translations of Sexology’ 

4.00-4.30: Elizabeth Stephens (Queensland), ‘The Scientific Imaginary: Translations of “Data” between Sexology, Genetics and Eugenics’

6.00 Dinner

Friday, 15 June 2012

9.30 Coffee

Chair: Sasha Roseneil (Birkbeck)

10.00-10.30: Kirsti Bohata (Swansea), ‘Before Sexology: Masquerade, Inversion and Welsh Nationalism in Amy Dillwyn’s Novels and Diaries’

10.30- 11.00: Peter Cryle (Queensland), ‘The Physiology and Psychology of ‘Frigidity’: French Variations in a Transnational Discourse (1850-1920)’

11.00- 11.30: Natalia Gerodetti (Leeds Metropolitan), ‘Auguste Forel and Ernst Ruedin: Transnational Discourses on Sexuality and two eminent Swiss Sexologists’


Chair: Joanne Leal (Birkbeck)

12.00- 12.30: James Wilper (Birkbeck), ‘Xavier Mayne’s The Intersexes: a History of Similisexualism as a Problem in Social Life: a project in translating Continental sexology or an effort at constructing a ‘Uranian’ identity and legacy?’

12.30-1.00: Gert Hekma (Amsterdam), ‘The Dutch Reception and Creation of Same-Sexual Terminologies and Theories’


Chair: Julie Peakman (Birkbeck)

2.15-2.45: Liat Kozma (Hebrew University), ‘Writing Sexology in Hebrew and Arabic in the 1930s: a Comparative Discussion’

2.45-3.15: Ofer Nur (Tel Aviv University), ‘Understanding or
 Misunderstanding? The Kibbutz Movement Appropriation of Sexological
 and Psychoanalytical Literatures in the 1920s and 1930s’


Chair: Jonathan Mackintosh (Birkbeck)

3.45-4.15: Leon Rocha (Cambridge University),’Creating a Canon of “Chinese Sexology”: Ye Dehui’s Shadow of the Double Plum Tree Anthology (1903-1914)'

4.15-4.45: Michiko Suzuki  (Indiana University), ‘Reimagining the Sexes: Sexology and Feminism in Early 
Twentieth-Century Japan’

4.45: Closing Remarks               
6.00 Conference dinner


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