Project description

Sexology and Translation turns attention to the transnational and cultural dimensions of the sexological archive. Focusing on the first phase of sexology, c.1860-1930, the symposium brings into dialogue an international interdisciplinary group of experts from literature, history, cultural studies, sociology and politics, who will map, compare and examine alongside each other a diverse range of nationally-specific discourses of ‘sex’ (understood to mean sexuality and gender) and their transnational connections. Specifically, the symposium will cover debates in the traditional centres of sexological research (UK, Germany, Italy and France) and their exchange with less frequently studied but equally important areas on the borders of Europe and beyond, including Finland, Russia, China, Japan, the US and the Middle East. Sexology and Translation deliberately expands the boundaries of nineteenth and early twentieth century studies to think afresh the relationship between culture and science and between the local and the global in the articulation of ideas about sexuality, gender and modernity.

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